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Here are the answers to many of the questions you will have regarding our Tenders.Net services and tendering in general.

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Tenders and Tendering

Will you help me prepare my tender submission?
You will find that tender documents are quite structured and specific. As no one knows your business as well as you do, you are the best person to prepare your tender submission. Be sure to set up your tender response exactly as per the tendering specifications outline - this will make it easy for the tenderers to assess your responses. Answer all questions. If you obtain the tender documents and you're not confident in submitting your response, we can certainly put you in touch with someone who specialises in this area.
How do I get the tender documents?
Contact details for documentation will be provided with each tender, and often you will be able to click a link and download documentation electronically.
What do I do if Iím interested in a particular tender?
Contact details will be provided with your tender information, so you can simply get in touch and ask any questions you have, or request the tender documents.
How many open tenders do you have on your system?
We have more opportunities than any other source in Australasia and advertise around 1,000 more opportunities at any one time than our closest competitor. Not only do we have tenders being advertised directly through our portal, our network is also comprehensive, so if there is an open (publicly advertised) tender from the public or private sectors anywhere throughout Australasia, you can expect to see it on our network. Each year there are around 20,000 opportunities advertised through Tenders.Net that are not available through any other source.
Is the tendering process only used by government organisations?
Tenders are commonly advertised by all levels of governments, and increasingly over recent years by the private sector. The number of private sector opportunities has doubled over the past decade.
Is tendering only for large companies?
Not at all. Many of our subscribers are small business, some sole traders, and they are successfully submitting on tenders.
What is a tender?
A tender is a formal invitation for suppliers to submit a bid / quote to supply products or services.


Advertising a Tender

What are the costs to advertise a tender?
Advertising a publicly available opportunity on Tenders.Net is completely free of charge. It is also free for your suppliers to access from our system. Advertising a tender restricted to specific suppliers only will cost you AU$100 + GST but there is no charge for your selected suppliers. It is also free of charge for you to advertise an opportunity restricted to our paying suppliers only.
How can Tenders.Net help me if I advertise tenders regularly?
As a frequent Advertiser on Tenders.Net you can get a free customisable mini-site set up just for your tenders, which can even be embedded directly into your own website for seamless interaction. This Direct Tendering Portal (or DTP) makes the perfect spot to manage your opportunities or to direct your suppliers to for accessing your tenders without cost. There is ZERO cost to you for the design, setup, and running of this DTP. Tenders.Net provide this service for you, free of charge.
I want to advertise a tender, can I do that on Tenders.Net?
Absolutely, you can advertise any public tender on our network free of charge. You can place it directly onto Tenders.Net yourself, or you can have our staff put up your advertisement and manage it for you.

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