Tenders Closing Soon

These opportunities are closing very soon. This is your last chance to bid.

Tender # Brief Desciption Location Closing  
964664Funding - Arts and Cultural ProjectsNSWTodayClosing Soon
974132New transportable office accommodation and facilitiesNTTodayClosing Soon
972388Auditorium and hall construction worksNZTodayClosing Soon
971031Picosecond laser systemNSWTodayClosing Soon
975680Flood damage restoration worksQLDTodayClosing Soon
975401LaptopsO/STodayClosing Soon
975103Sale of abandoned vehiclesVICTodayClosing Soon
974286Various servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
973118Rongoa servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
972284Lead agency for headspaceSATodayClosing Soon
972434Sale of buildingVICTodayClosing Soon
972177Pavement widening and overlayQLDTodayClosing Soon
973341Sale or lease of regional livestock marketsNSWTodayClosing Soon
972628Residual current device compliance worksSATodayClosing Soon
971355Internal and external building maintenance (incl civil works)SATodayClosing Soon
976101Issue of treasury indexed bondsALLTodayClosing Soon
973566Future Health Research & Innovation Fund - baseline reviewWATodayClosing Soon
973375Sports field maintenance servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
973348Ceiling inspection & make safe worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
973397Emergency & evacuation management planning for emergenciesNSWTodayClosing Soon
972931Construction of intake upgradeQLDTodayClosing Soon
972919Managed service provider for contingent labourVICTodayClosing Soon
972179Cycling & bike maintenance coursesNSWTodayClosing Soon
972168Chain hoist replacementNSWTodayClosing Soon
970996First aid trainingWATodayClosing Soon
970221Developer contributions planNSWTodayClosing Soon
974539Demolition worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
972932Pedestrian bridge replacementNSWTodayClosing Soon
973587Replacement of retaining wall (incl drainage)NSWTodayClosing Soon
973601Demand study for driver education facilityQLDTodayClosing Soon
973342Documentation & construction of workshopNSWTodayClosing Soon
973339Replacement of water & sewer mainsNSWTodayClosing Soon
973345Construction of operable wall & associated building worksNSWTodayClosing Soon
972386Relocation of buildingsNSWTodayClosing Soon
971926Collection, storage and disposal / exhibit of dangerous goodsNSWTodayClosing Soon
971196Visitor guide printing servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
965564Funding - Regional Events SchemeWATodayClosing Soon
974345Sale of propertyVICTodayClosing Soon
974320Sale of sub-penthouse apartmentVICTodayClosing Soon
974252Sale of family homeVICTodayClosing Soon
973453Sale of propertyQLDTodayClosing Soon
973254Sale of boutique residenceVICTodayClosing Soon
973227Sale of estateVICTodayClosing Soon
973257Sale of houseVICTodayClosing Soon
972618Main building contractor for remediation works on school blocksNZTodayClosing Soon
972423Sale of homesNSWTodayClosing Soon
972408Compliments, complaints and suggestions technology solutionNZTodayClosing Soon
972206Block reclad & refurbishment projectNZTodayClosing Soon
971315Grants - Regional Events SchemeWATodayClosing Soon
971246Wastewater capital projectsSATodayClosing Soon
970864After hours teleradiology servicesNZTodayClosing Soon
969778Engineering project management - event infrastructureSATodayClosing Soon
973470Compound microscopiesNZTodayClosing Soon
971704Sewerage upgradeQLDTodayClosing Soon
972882Construction of tennis courtsVICTodayClosing Soon
972798Improvement works on state highwayNZTodayClosing Soon
972843OH&S auditing services (harvest, haulage, road works & seed collection)VICTodayClosing Soon
972703Minor building works (panel)VICTodayClosing Soon
972651Sale of partially completed housesQLDTodayClosing Soon
972660Dog obedience school refurbishment worksVICTodayClosing Soon
972205Architectural & health planning services (mental health)NZTodayClosing Soon
972144Installation of traffic control signals (various works)NSWTodayClosing Soon
967842Lake commercial activitiesWATodayClosing Soon
973931Bridge scour protection worksNZTodayClosing Soon
973620LED streetlight conversionNZTodayClosing Soon
973291Project management of design & construction of stadiumNSWTodayClosing Soon
973191Professional services for car park designNZTodayClosing Soon
973190Bridge operationsNZTodayClosing Soon
971436Planning services (panel)VICTodayClosing Soon
971293Community engagement, events & project management (panel)VICTodayClosing Soon
973382Property valuation servicesNSWTodayClosing Soon
973409School canteen licenceNSWTodayClosing Soon
971695Shared pathVICTodayClosing Soon
970981Regional estuarine monitoring and reporting programmeNZTodayClosing Soon
971004Passenger lift for city libraryNSWTodayClosing Soon
975926Toilet & changeroom upgradeWATodayClosing Soon
975409Removal of pre primary classroomsWATodayClosing Soon
975117Installation of transportable classroomsWATodayClosing Soon
974409Library & community centre AV requirementsNSWTodayClosing Soon
973288Pipeline & pump station design / constructionNSWTodayClosing Soon
973314Footpath / kerb & gutter reconstructionNSWTodayClosing Soon
972114Irrigation system (various works)NSWTodayClosing Soon
972229Communication tower rigging services (refresh)WATodayClosing Soon
971564Refurbishment of bridgeWATodayClosing Soon
970038Design and construction of road interchange (incl signalised traffic)WATodayClosing Soon
970080Sale of lot for development of senior's care & accommodationWATodayClosing Soon
972742Renewal / rehabilitation of dam raw water main sectionQLDTodayClosing Soon
973994Feasibility study of shared on and off road trailsVICTodayClosing Soon
973372Fire safety sprinklersVICTodayClosing Soon
973285Kerb & channel replacementVICTodayClosing Soon
973286Car park construction (incl. landscaping)VICTodayClosing Soon
972849Parking spaces constructionACTTodayClosing Soon
972313Strategic planning & environment consultants (panel)VICTodayClosing Soon
972026Major culvert reconstructionVICTodayClosing Soon
975113Carbon dioxideNSWTodayClosing Soon
974895Manufacture of number platesSATodayClosing Soon
974870Pavement investigations & design reports for road maintenanceSATodayClosing Soon
974405Confectionery & crispsSATodayClosing Soon
974046Catering servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
973838Refurbishment of manual arts blockQLDTodayClosing Soon
973475Trainer to deliver tech savvy senior programQLDTodayClosing Soon
973387Construction of information baysNSWTodayClosing Soon
973302Online forms software solutionSATodayClosing Soon
973320Litter bin collectionSATodayClosing Soon
973326Athletic reserve sprint trackSATodayClosing Soon
973425Wi Fi & smart technologies (incl. CCTV surveillance)NSWTodayClosing Soon
973360Re-kerbing & drainageSATodayClosing Soon
973154Electrical services to install SCADA monitoringTASTodayClosing Soon
972970Road rehabilitation worksVICTodayClosing Soon
972908Fuel transport trailersVICTodayClosing Soon
972967Catering servicesVICTodayClosing Soon
972868Construction of concrete pathways (Package C)QLDTodayClosing Soon
972959Transportable buildingVICTodayClosing Soon
972869Water mainQLDTodayClosing Soon
972872Sealing of entrance road, car park and associated worksVICTodayClosing Soon
972891Full detailed design for bikewayQLDTodayClosing Soon
972885Library fitoutQLDTodayClosing Soon
972980Construction of hockey clubrooms facilityWATodayClosing Soon
972901Legal service providersQLDTodayClosing Soon
972900Asphalt pavement repairsQLDTodayClosing Soon
972585Landfill environmental auditVICTodayClosing Soon
972584Wood chipping unitVICTodayClosing Soon
972378Public schools infrastructure upgradesACTTodayClosing Soon
971716Fire services corrective maintenanceQLDTodayClosing Soon
971705Reinforced concrete skate park and associated worksVICTodayClosing Soon
971719Road stage 3 designQLDTodayClosing Soon
971298Termite treatment of timber bridges (panel)QLDTodayClosing Soon
971340Security closed circuit television system (various works)SATodayClosing Soon
971387Sale of development siteVICTodayClosing Soon
971007Redevelopment of car park sitesNSWTodayClosing Soon
971034Implementation of corporate actions and risks systemsNSWTodayClosing Soon
970573Club - second storey extensionWATodayClosing Soon
970212Delivery of Sustainability Waste Art Prize EventNSWTodayClosing Soon
969985Sale of site - seniors care & accommodationWATodayClosing Soon
969220Play spaceWATodayClosing Soon
973298Design & construction of bypass pit at sewage pumping stationNSWTodayClosing Soon
972128Website developmentNSWTodayClosing Soon
976426Security upgrade for centreO/STodayClosing Soon
976103Issue of infrastructure bondsO/STodayClosing Soon
975881Sedan/saloon vehicleO/STodayClosing Soon
975652Radio broadcasting equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
975655Office furnitureO/STodayClosing Soon
975507Financial management softwareO/STodayClosing Soon
975421Sale of rural retreatVICTodayClosing Soon
975307Airborne LiDAR acquisition & digital elevation model (flood hazard mapping)O/STodayClosing Soon
974953Rehabilitation of schoolsO/STodayClosing Soon
974848Programme evaluation consultant (minerals development)O/STodayClosing Soon
974819Process evaluation of early childhood development projectO/STodayClosing Soon
974900Solar home lighting systemsO/STodayClosing Soon
974829Advisory & assessment for general data protection regulationO/STodayClosing Soon
974608BatteriesO/STodayClosing Soon
974622Project management support consultant (digital finance)O/STodayClosing Soon
974581Internet services and fixed telephonyO/STodayClosing Soon
974605Improving quantification and forecasting of new drugs and regimensO/STodayClosing Soon
974590Study tour on longline fishing for tunaO/STodayClosing Soon
974369Rehabilitation of schoolsO/STodayClosing Soon
974233MotorcyclesO/STodayClosing Soon
974215Portable pumps and accessoriesO/STodayClosing Soon
974228Construction works on bridgeO/STodayClosing Soon
973872Hand held radiation detectorO/STodayClosing Soon
973745Development of tools/protocols for prevention of violent extremismO/STodayClosing Soon
973738X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometerO/STodayClosing Soon
973533Qualitative impact evaluation of child grants pilotO/STodayClosing Soon
973352Static security, security patrols & cash clearing servicesNTTodayClosing Soon
973299Maintenance, enhancements and hosting of websiteO/STodayClosing Soon
973251Sale of residential landQLDTodayClosing Soon
973061Wire detectorsO/STodayClosing Soon
972716Machineries & equipment of glass & ceramics skill training programO/STodayClosing Soon
972279Logistics management information system (LMIS)O/STodayClosing Soon
972325Sale of industrial estateWATodayClosing Soon
972442Rehabilitation works for schoolsO/STodayClosing Soon
971916Sale of wine businessSATodayClosing Soon
971941Road safety consultantO/STodayClosing Soon
971404Infrastructure design and supervision consultantO/STodayClosing Soon
971405Livelihood improvement group supportO/STodayClosing Soon
969891Upgrade of toilet and bathroomNSWTodayClosing Soon
968002Grid station equipmentO/STodayClosing Soon
961697Civil, electrical, and mechanical & electronic works for water networkO/STodayClosing Soon
925043Air charter servicesO/STodayClosing Soon
975915Web accessibility assessmentACT13/12/2017Closing Soon
972404Park rejuvenation project (various works)NZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
970303Construction of main defensive position (MDP)NSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
970299Hazardous area professional electrical engineering supportALL13/12/2017Closing Soon
974076Supply & delivery of milkVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973944Sale of homestead propertyQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
973373Dry suit or flood suitNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
972709Renewal / construction works for airport hutVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972711Consultancy for local area plan & infrastructure assessmentVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972460Design & construction of open sided shedVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972461Weed controlVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971970Sale of freeholdVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971197Building consent application processingNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
971178Carpark re-surfacing and drainage projectNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
967794Vacuum sewer monitoring electronic systemNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
976098Issue of treasury bondsALL13/12/2017Closing Soon
972664Construction of footpathVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972886Prefabricated amenities blockQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
972888Construction of gravity sewer main and decommissioning of sewerage pump stationQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
972475Independent audit and review services for rolling facilities evaluation projectVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974877Customer services reviewNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
974876Communications services reviewNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
971881Light fittingsNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
971094Animal shelter servicesQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974867Sale of spoilt emulsionNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
975587Public relations strategy for bowel cancer screening campaignNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
974325Share purchase plan offerALL13/12/2017Closing Soon
974588Social Housing Community Improvement FundNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973980Clinical information systems enhancementsALL13/12/2017Closing Soon
975642Sale of business - dive centreVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
975423Sale of penthouse residenceVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
975020Cleaning contractQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974638Mowing & slashing servicesQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974639Mowing services at cemeteriesQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974561Certificate of occupancy for modular unitsVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974763Employee branding strategyALL13/12/2017Closing Soon
973633Concrete (lean mix / pavement base / general use), mortar & groutNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973454Sale of propertyQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
973421Upgrade intersection / reconstruction & road rehabilitationSA13/12/2017Closing Soon
973210Creative producerNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973128Roof replacementNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
973206Expert led talksNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973127Removal of asbestos contaminated soil & remedial workNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
973022Disability & homelessness advisory committeesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972805Main contractor for administration block remediationNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
972623Frontline / firefighters' communications accessoriesQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
971921Design and construction of skate parksNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
972745In-ground multi-function weighbridge & brake testerNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973551Reconstruction & widening (Boundary Rd)WA13/12/2017Closing Soon
973552Reconstruction & widening (Elgin Rd)WA13/12/2017Closing Soon
975410Construction of distribution power lines (Western Division)O/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
975412Installation of underground power cablesO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974843Courtyard TransformationVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974595Sale of water unitsNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
974563Bore water permanent transferQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974532Painting & decoratingNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
974313Sale of freestanding industrial propertyNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
974021Distribution boardO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974028Print & supply of safety manualO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
973783Sale of residential development siteSA13/12/2017Closing Soon
973785Sale of residential development siteQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
973635Standard road roughness surveysNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
973636Pavement strength (FWD) data collection surveysNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
973598Electrical HV engineering peer review servicesO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
973634Manual road condition rating surveysNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
973637High speed road condition data collection surveysNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
973469Civil & structural engineering peer review servicesO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
973145Transfer pump for fuel treatment systemO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
972986Sports ground lightingTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
972736Civil worksVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972680Construction of streetscape improvementsNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
972333Sale of office buildingVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972407Road upgrade (incl. lighting)NZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
972381Repairs and upgrades to buildingsNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
971568Rail track upgradeSA13/12/2017Closing Soon
971219Sale of manufactured home parkQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
973447International student admissions systemALL13/12/2017Closing Soon
972157Civil construction worksVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
976489Chiller (low refrigerant)O/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
975404Sale of homeVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974665Mobile security patrolsVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974749Grants for childhood immunisation servicesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974462Emergency grab bagsNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
974209Replacement science classrooms and gymQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974259Sale of apartment blockVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973795GPS solution for vehicle and plantNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
973608AV upgradeNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
973489Canteen licenceNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973577Security servicesTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
973222Sale of land holdingVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972960Stormwater projectVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972914Kindergarten & community centre extensionVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972961Graphic design services (panel)VIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972371Flu vaccination programQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
972042Cleaning management servicesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971730Fuse linksQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
964944Innovation Research GrantVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
967473Land development opportunityWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
975120FodderWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
975057Construction of new perimeter fenceWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
974684Sale of abandoned vehiclesWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
974760DRAFT request for comment - Motor vehicle fleet servicesWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
974067Roof replacement & maintenanceWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
973615Water supply hydraulic mains improvement worksO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
973405College - new hay storage shedWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
973161Occupational health & safety management systemO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
972338Farmlands pipe replacement (Site 1-14 Kellerberrin)WA13/12/2017Closing Soon
972390Seismic upgrade of administration buildingNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
972365Concept design & environmental assessment of roadNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
971565Refurbishment of bridgesWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
969018Consultancy services for road projectWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
968387Meter reading deviseO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
967805Affordable land & housing developmentWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
969753Design & construction of housesQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
971805Stabilisation aid for unsealed roads (panel)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
973575Practical area drill upgrade & new drains / water storage worksVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972710Construction of pathway, hit up wall & basketball keyVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
970225Meeting room audio visual servicesALL13/12/2017Closing Soon
970289Sale of residential landSA13/12/2017Closing Soon
975147Netball court shelter (incl design services)VIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974660Occupational therapy vehicle (#7)VIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974719Conveyance & burial and/or cremation services (Burke & Doomadgee)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974723Conveyance & burial and/or cremation services (Goondiwindi)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974724Conveyance & burial and/or cremation services (Diamantina)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974565Hire & installation of temporary clubrooms & amenitiesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974729Conveyance & burial and/or cremation of deceased persons (Woorabinda)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974661Occupational therapy vehicle (#6)VIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974714Bin cleaning serviceQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974557Mail delivery serviceQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974728Conveyance & burial and/or cremation services (Richmond)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974727Conveyance & burial and/or cremation services (Maranoa)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974725Conveyance & burial and/or cremation services (Lockyer Valley)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974716Conveyance & burial and/or cremation of deceased persons (Boulia)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974224Website platformWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
974099Public toilet cleaningTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
974082Road shoulder stabilisationTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
974083Contract cleaning servicesTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
974084Liaison and mediation services to schools and families of students with disabilitiesTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
974108Noise wallWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
974106Vehicle collection, impoundment and disposal servicesWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
974085Therapy services to school students with disabilities (Northern Region)TAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
974111Installation and maintenance of reserve fencingWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
974040Supply and installation of way finding signsVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974090Delivery of mail (Hughenden)QLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974086Therapy services to school students with disabilities (Southern Region)TAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
973922Mowing services - turf grasses on reservesWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
974024Head contractor for building modificationsNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973985Carpark spray seal & concrete island worksVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973857Towed multi combination rollerVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973742Design & construction of transfer station shedNT13/12/2017Closing Soon
973554Office refurbishment (incl. electrical & communications systems)WA13/12/2017Closing Soon
973588Main sewerVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973599Contracts lifecycle management systemQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
973593External sewerVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973592Branch sewerVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973338WTP CL2 building structureQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
973333Park upgrade (various works)NSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973213Diving servicesNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973122Sale of land holdingVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972929Quantity surveying servicesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972941Road shoulder sealingTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
972902Lift replacementQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
972903Contract administration consultant for airport paving projectQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
972984Road reconstructionTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
972938Production centre expansionTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
972940Pharmaceutical productsTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
972930Cash collection servicesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972942Removable and fixed dental prosthetic appliances and related construction componentsTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
972850Airport pavement projectQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
972860Cricket net upgradesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972533Road reconstruction worksVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972532Road, drainage & footpath improvement worksVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972588Kerb & channel renewal (Rattray Ave)VIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972587Kerb & channel renewal (Hansen St)VIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972535Construction of clubroomsVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972586Various isolated kerb & channel renewalsVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972292Bridge construction & associated road worksWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
972373Replacement of nursecall and MATV systems incl designQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
972065Replacement of sandstone blocks & repair of crack in seawallNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
972064Lease of cafeNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
971768Highway safety improvementsTAS13/12/2017Closing Soon
971698Facility review of family leisure centreVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971697Contract management system solutionVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971718Road rehabilitationQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
971572Sale of propertyVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971430Installation of chain link fencing and pine log barriersVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971429Netball courts constructionVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971431Installation of courts lighting systemVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
971205Retaining wall & safety fenceNZ13/12/2017Closing Soon
971248New netball court and outdoor cricket training facilityVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
970270Cleaning services - leisure centreVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
970271Cleaning services - buildings, public conveniences & barbecuesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974421Environmental validation of remediation worksNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
972865Collection and distribution of cashWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
972866Internal refurbishmentWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
976285CopiersO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
976265Renovation and maintenance of officeO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
976233Barber serviceVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
976104Multi-purpose vehicleO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
976006PVC pipesO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
975888Partnerships advisor (commodity production and reduce deforestation)O/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
975852Annual report writerO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
975851Cafe / hospitality servicesQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
975835Application of Decision Tree Framework (hydrology / meteorology / water resources)O/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
975650Study for malaria community managementO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
975688Non-food itemsO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
975299Conference facilities and accommodation for meetingO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974799Geophysical surveys & drilling of boreholesO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974822Gross alpha & beta counting systemO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974823Election materials - vests & capsO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974817Personal radiation detector systemO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974814Transport container for UF6O/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974813Land laser leveling unit with grading bucketO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974868Management of gamba grass at rural locationsNT13/12/2017Closing Soon
974798Roof panelsO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974640Intake road embankment stabilisation worksQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
974619Marine emergency safety equipmentO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974586Training of youth on solar panel installation and maintenanceO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974389Truck based liquid nitrogen tank with craneO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974394Grants - Humanitarian mine action (Kandahar)O/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974216Engineering consultancy services for structures projectsVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
974266Railway modernization - project preparation, engineering and procurement consultantO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
974342Sale of homeNSW13/12/2017Closing Soon
973918Concrete works and fence installationNT13/12/2017Closing Soon
973911Transport and courier serviceNT13/12/2017Closing Soon
973754Formative evaluation of partnership strategiesO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
973719CGAP consultant - digital financial servicesO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
973760Toilet block refurbishmentNT13/12/2017Closing Soon
973663Sale of rural propertyWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
973567Maintenance services of road, roadside and structural assetsVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973559Maintenance services of road, roadside and structural assetsVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973560Design and construction of bridgeVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
973625Sale of development propertyQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
973301Travel management servicesO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
973253Sale of homeQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
972702Structural survey and inventory of groundsO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
972433Comprehensive urban climate change adaptationO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
972336Highway overtaking lanesVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972329Roundabout & streetscape constructionVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972343Maintenance of bus stopsNT13/12/2017Closing Soon
972330Safety barrier installation, road widening & associated worksVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
972436Capacity building & project definition for infrastructure developmentO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
971888Repairs and maintenance, redrilling of roadworks water boresNT13/12/2017Closing Soon
971887Experts on human capital and resilience thematic areaO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
971264Music centre additions and alterationsQLD13/12/2017Closing Soon
969984Road works - construction of bridges & roundaboutVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
969988Sale of infill development siteWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
970077Sale of landholdingVIC13/12/2017Closing Soon
968969Management and construction supervision of underground sewerage projectO/S13/12/2017Closing Soon
961033Community centre exhibition boxesWA13/12/2017Closing Soon
976255Sale of business & assets - tyre retailerNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
970824Evaluation of effectiveness of community prescriber programALL14/12/2017Closing Soon
975919Business intelligence solutionQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
974000Cleaning servicesSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
972109Cleaning servicesSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
971153Vehicle rental servicesALL14/12/2017Closing Soon
973810Land management inspectorNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
973681Infrastructure design & advisory (panel)NZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
972635Licence & management of billboard sitesNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
971927Intersection upgrade and southbound overtaking lane construction projectQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
967382TSSD programme - customer identity & access managementNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
967380TSSD programme - customer centred management solutionNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
967376TSSD programme - enterprise integrationNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
973569Land & related surveying services - suburban rail networkWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
973219Digitisation of micrographic materialNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
972477Insurance brokerage and related servicesNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
971678Linear accelerator bunker upgrade (various works)NZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
974944Sale of grader & tipper truckNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
972944Management and operation of animal shelterNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
974440Business advisory services (panel)ALL14/12/2017Closing Soon
972320Replacement of timber bridgeNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
975001Groundwater monitoring equipmentNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
972237Water supply boreNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
971159Structural restoration of bridgeNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
974480Leak detection servicesWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974272Towage & storage of abandoned vehiclesNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
975663Sale of business - nurseryNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
974828Peaches, plums and apricots China launch co-promotionsALL14/12/2017Closing Soon
974256Sale of residenceVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
974267Sale of propertyQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
974327Sale of propertyQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
973937Classroom replacementNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
973371Roof replacement & building envelope repairsNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
973244Sale of farm propertyVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
973130Lead design services for schoolNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
972317Sale of approved subdivisionWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
971658Managed print service solutionQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
966791Funding - Breast Cancer Register PartnershipNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
975814Disposal of photocopier / scannerWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
975356Medical incinerator (incl shed and fencing)O/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975053Highway revocation to local road (various works)NZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
975013Road re-seal aggregateSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974811Sale of business parkQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
974289Sale / lease of building & business - butcher shopQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
974231Supply / sale / trade of various vehiclesNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
973963Footpath rehabilitation & resealsNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
973984Sale of estateNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
973778Sale of vineyardSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
973815Construction of asphalt footpathsNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
973343Sale of propertyWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
973129WTP upgradeNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
973225Sale of cropping / grazing propertyVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
973235Rural pavement rehabilitationsNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
972739Sale of propertyQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
972754Sale and development of propertyNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
972401Sale of vacant industrial lotsQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
972332Sale of corner development siteVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972385Sale of corporate offices & showroomSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
972395Bridge replacement (various works)NZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
972208Operation of green waste composting facilityNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
971914Sale of propertyNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
971389Road realignment (incl. landscaping)NZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
971371Employment assistance programme servicesNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
970380Needles & syringes (incl. specialty products)NZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
968979Demolition, development & lease of buildingWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
967094Sale of development siteO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975832Gym, library and washroomsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974270Sale of development siteNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
974249Sale of officeO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
973226Sale of freeholdVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972797Dynamics CRM upgradeNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
972627SMS messaging gateway servicesNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
971688Transmission connection design and construction panelTAS14/12/2017Closing Soon
970774Sale of equine centreQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
976481Installation of classroomsWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
975341Installation of transportable toiletWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
973280Seawall reconstruction & upgradeNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
973278RoadworksNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
972639Intersection enabling works (incl. planting)NZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
974547Traffic signal control box upgradesACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
973957Sexual health productsVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
973953Packaging, warehousing, fulfilment & distribution serviceVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
973805Public realm improvements construction (various works)ACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
972645Health infrastructure engineering services (panel)ACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
971764Managing contractor services - Research Station Modernisation ProjectALL14/12/2017Closing Soon
969850Rural Junior Doctor Training Innovation FundALL14/12/2017Closing Soon
975943Servicing & calibration of Loadrite scalesQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
975431Sale of development siteVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
975168Gym and health club equipmentVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
974999Light vehiclesNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
974793Alexandra WMF Dissolved Air Flotation Recycle System Upgrade - Fabrication and delivery of Saturator VesselVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
974915Tree removal, culvert extension & bank stabilisation worksVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
974842Street sweeping servicesWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974869Diesel engines for ferriesSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974599Lighting & electrical services installationWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974656Tree growing, supply & installationWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974655Riverbank erosion control worksWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974739Roof replacementQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
974740Replacement water reticulationQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
974406Grocery itemsSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974410Design document for retail tenancy buildingSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974438City wide schools traffic, parking & safety review - civil constructionSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
974341Sale of building (warehouse apartments)VIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
974095Installation only of new hot water generatorsACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
974060Pavilion redevelopment - building worksVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
974094Construction of hot water ring mainACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
974129Architectural and streetscape design servicesTAS14/12/2017Closing Soon
974043Road side safety improvementsVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
974044Concrete indented parking baysVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
973945Rubber surface replacement at playgroundsACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
974010Land-use framework plans for metropolitan regionsVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
973807Industry feedback: Prosthetic limb serviceNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
973832Asset condition inspectionsSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
973596Cropping services (incl. training)QLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
973623Road upgrade feasibility studyACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
973622Water main - PAP contract administration & site surveillance servicesACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
973581Various types of street furnitureWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
973349Alterations & additions works for children's centreNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
973419Sale of residential & commercial siteSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
973391Ballpark upgrade - principal's authorised person & contract administration servicesACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
973388Street extensionACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
973180Compliance upgrade - neighbourhood centreQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
972958Review & update of open space strategy & action plan, contributions plan & acquisition policyVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972957Pumping station and connection to main drainVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972876Customer services platformVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972956Road resurfacing works - package 2VIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972782Enterprise registered training organisation (ERTO) review (rail network)SA14/12/2017Closing Soon
972789Family violence applicant and respondent support servicesVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972641Sale of landWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
972335Podiatry servicesWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
972323Sale of propertyVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972135Water main renewalsVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
972031Locksmithing servicesSA14/12/2017Closing Soon
971744Depot lunch room alterations & extensionsWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
971733Coagulation strategySA14/12/2017Closing Soon
971717Pool upgrade worksQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
971606Signalling design consultancy servicesQLD14/12/2017Closing Soon
971155Catering servicesVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
970535Single use disposable sharps disposal containersVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
970231Design and construction of duplication worksACT14/12/2017Closing Soon
970008Post release support programVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
973658Health centre constructionO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
976262Atomic absorption spectrophotometerO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
976281Furniture incl workstations, sound proofing and partitionO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
976025Results measurement for community development programO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
976008Commvault Capacity licenses & CASP supportO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
976024New simplified methodology on road safety assessment using automated image analysisO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
976019Support for the preparation of PPP guidelinesO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
976023Support for capacity building program for implementing PPPsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975859Conference technologyO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975647Machinery for processing of footwearO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975648Computer equipmentO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975691Sale of marina berthNZ14/12/2017Closing Soon
975497Anti-retroviral drugsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
9754823D animation video for campaignO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975579Sponsorship for high profile community event (health)NSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
975274Rehabilitation of schoolsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975282Review of standard setting and quality assurance for nutrition productsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975283Data collection for reinsertion and reintegration projectO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975291Assess impact of donor co-financing and transition policies on TB commodity procurementO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
975155Out of hours ranger servicesVIC14/12/2017Closing Soon
974964Enterprise survey (green economy)O/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974978Software licensesO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974946Audio-visual equipmentO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974974Reservoir engineering and reserves certification (recoverable gas & liquids)O/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974975Airport baggage conveyor systemO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974812Survey public satisfactory on court servicesO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974816Insurance policiesO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974597Translation of documentsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974606Re-installation of existing electricity power supply systemO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974598Microhydro power plant developmentO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974600Strengthen monitoring capacity of laboratories (POPs & hazardous chemicals)O/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974596Design, format and layout of publications and creating illustrationsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974363MIC PCRO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
974239Tricycle ambulances and off road bicyclesO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
973890Circular saw wood cutting machineO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
973737Post distribution impact assessment of cash + agricultural inputsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
973750Explosive detection kitO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
973437Construction of multi-purpose marketO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
973355Air-conditioning upgradeNT14/12/2017Closing Soon
973172Construction of multi-cellular box culvert, LCS and road worksO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
973120Sale of industrial propertyNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
973058Financial audit servicesO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
972772Sale of cropping propertyNSW14/12/2017Closing Soon
972719Design of renewable energy mini-grid programO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
972500Sensitive Sites map (commercial growers & producers)WA14/12/2017Closing Soon
972607Motor sports complex - hydraulic infrastructure upgrade (package 6)NT14/12/2017Closing Soon
972602Motor sports complex - hydraulic infrastructure upgrade (package 7)NT14/12/2017Closing Soon
972271Diesel & petrolO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
971502Grant making servicesALL14/12/2017Closing Soon
971220Supervision and inspection of toilet constructionO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
971140Sale of office / workshop facilityWA14/12/2017Closing Soon
971037Infrastructure buildingsO/S14/12/2017Closing Soon
968966Water meters & ancillary equipmentNT14/12/2017Closing Soon
975759Industry briefing: Metropolitan bus supply & support servicesSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
975249Alterations & additions to chapel / other external worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972091Scallop management advisory committeeALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
965929Product Development Partnerships Fund (TB and malaria)ALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
976333Service designers (digital services)ACT15/12/2017Closing Soon
976054Security documentationACT15/12/2017Closing Soon
976061Project management services for welfare payments infrastructure programmeVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975442IBM quality stage expertACT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975048Usability testing & accessibility reviewALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
974425Resource & information centre - library extensionVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972040National Primary Care Data ServiceNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
974632Exhibition detailed designWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973809Development of new classroom modelNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
972913Airport runway lighting upgradeQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973094Training infrastructure worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
970719Heritage building preservation worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972615Residual current device compliance worksNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
970431Site relocation / construction worksNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973124Training area emergency vehicle sheltersALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
973078Heating ventilation and air conditioning worksACT15/12/2017Closing Soon
973082Defence facilities refurbishment (incl facade cleaning & upgrade of security intercom)ACT15/12/2017Closing Soon
973178Energy efficiency upgrade of irrigation control systemACT15/12/2017Closing Soon
972207Refurbishment of sewage pondsWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
971993Dental facility replacementNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
971987Range facility maintenanceACT15/12/2017Closing Soon
971986Various building refurbishment worksNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
971999Upgrade electrics and air conditioning systemNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
976495IT servicesNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
975225New tractor / sale of tradeTAS15/12/2017Closing Soon
975197Public space wall replacementVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974992Electrical and structural services for sports oval lightingTAS15/12/2017Closing Soon
974593Unity GrantsNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974549Groundwater atlasNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973981BMX facilityQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973936Survey of riverNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973429Rural fire station building (incl. civil works)NSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973413Sale of commercial investmentNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973456Sale of vehiclesNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973096Aerial sowing servicesVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972933Business case developmentNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
972921Play space upgrade worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972922Irrigation worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972458Aggregate feed hoppers & asphalt silosQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
971925Project management - metro station construction worksNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
971571Flood mitigation workNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
966933Design and build low wash ferriesQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973092Upgrade works including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and securitySA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973097Partial internal demolition of fit out & reconfiguration of lighting & air-conditioningSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
972604Improvement of audio & physical security at various buildingsSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
972632Air force base range floor upgrade (incl. civil drainage works)SA15/12/2017Closing Soon
972612Electrical infrastructure worksSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
972771Pump pit access way, gantry works & electrical worksSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
972774Electrical infrastructure lighting protection incl. roof replacementSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
975112Ultrasonic surgical aspiratorVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
973090Tank, pipe and building worksQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972616Building & fence worksQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
974072New retaining wall & stone pitching worksO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
971757Additional toilet facilitiesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976330Sale of retail shopsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973411Sale of industrial zoned landsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972889Switchboards and ancillary worksQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972764Replacement of fire ring main (CICL pipe)QLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
971936Detailed design of roadNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
976075Procurement planning development servicesQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973471Subjective motivation & evaluation of Maori in English medium compulsory educationNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
972630Construction / modification of facilitiesWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
976179Cantilever gantry VMS structuresQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973139Footpath resurfacingNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
975433Sale of bar assetsNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
971643Sale of residenceNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973910River environmental FLOWS studyVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972138Price reviews - regulatory services consulting (panel)ALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
971349Superannuation administration servicesVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
968764School bus serviceNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
975439Prime lamb producer for livestock genetics consortiumALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
975427Sale of developmentVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975134Roadway inlet unit / kerb entry unitsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
974863National Youth Week FundingVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974607MowingVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974686Architectural design services for classroom block & associated site worksNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
974413Aboriginal languages establishment advisory groupNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974340Avocado creative developmentALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
974062Storage and distribution servicesQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973935Boundary fencingNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973808Supply and delivery of site spring waterQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973630Main siteworks contractor to replace section of stormwater drainageNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973597Construction of undercover sports centre (various works)QLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973672Contract catererNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973515Lease of cattle grazing propertyVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
973463Review of livestock identification device accreditation processALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
973363Refurbishment of classroomsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973365Refurbishment of teaching spaces & alterations to libraryNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973366Pipe drainage supply & installation works (Package 1)NSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973370Pipe drainage supply & installation works (Package 1)NSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
972738Sale of commercial development siteQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972852Hosing supply and servicesQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972575Student flyer listingNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
972469Storm water drain clearance & repairNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
972308Funding - Enabling Growth and Innovation ProgramALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
972480Metal productsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
971931Restoration of national monuments & historic structuresNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
971651Grants - International Engagement Program (renewable energy technologies)ALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
971648Sale of surplus landQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
971592Wastewater pump station - remote terminal units upgradeNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
971253Independent medical examination panelQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
971117Multi-Year Community GrantNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
970285Supply of pharmaceuticalsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
968807Sale of siteVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
968483Bio degradable cups and lidsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
965825Wheelset overhaulsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
942023Community GrantsSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
975631Sale of surplus itemsVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
973540Project manager - office investigationNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
972989Servicing of electrical infrastructureQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972990Servicing of fire servicesQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972991Servicing of mechanical servicesQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
970318Website review & upgradeVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
976239Local courier servicesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976252Rental of taxi boothO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975976Lease of canteen or office spaceO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975766Sale of landholdingWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
975260Fire station garage doorsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975353Sale of industrial propertyO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975232New school - Stage 1 worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974980Memorial park management reviewVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974991Cleaning contractorVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974871Council chambers extension - building works & sub-tradesSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
974792Staff uniformsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974579Natural & LP gasTAS15/12/2017Closing Soon
974627Sale of multilift binsNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974541Review of Emissions Reduction Pledge and Options development.VIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974510Construction supervisor of complexO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974538Large diameter valvesVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974251Sale of industrial allotmentsVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974333Water main constructionNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
974159Information technology consultantNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974119Maternal and child health community partneringVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974091Internal audit servicesQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973992Sale of highway service stationNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973811Installation of LED streetlightsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973799Design of pavement rehabilitation and constructionNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973797Road seal extensionNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973702Masterplan for sub divisionO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
973576Sale of hotelWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973408Market demand study on vacant landO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
973420Sale of englobo landSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973417Sale of industrial siteSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973369Communications infrastructure project (various works)NZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973262Sale of propertyO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
973146Bridges renewal & repairsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
972740Sale of mausoleumNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
972752Enclosure of multipurpose building & meeting room fit-outQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972735Lease of landQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972511Stopbank upgradeNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
972380Various roofing replacements & repairsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
970726REQUEST for QUOTATION For Corporate Style / Brand GuideVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
970738REQUEST for QUOTATION For Website Review and UpgradeVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972193Sale of industrial investmentSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
971974Sale of freehold title holdingsNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
972022Sale and removal of buildingsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
970793Permanent coronary drug-eluting stentsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
974373Gravel winning & stockpiling servicesNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973814Raw water main replacementNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
972642Erosion protection investigationNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
972504Design and redevelopment of buildingO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975840Cafe & catering servicesSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
976244Fertilizer cartageO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976065Notice: Amusement devices inspection and permitting servicesNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
975372Technology partnershipO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974105School canteen licenceNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974116Legal servicesWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973768Project management & research services (tourism sector)NZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973632Heart lung machinesNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973404Minor intersection safety improvementsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
973026Stormwater & road upgradeSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
970861Sale of multiple use propertyWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
970523Development & lease of business hubNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
970310Sale, harvest & haulage of brown mallet timberWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973962Repair of damaged concrete retaining wallWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
975804Replace chain wire fence with new garrison fenceWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
975019Electronics services (alarm system and CCTV)WA15/12/2017Closing Soon
974927EquipmentWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
974468Building seismic upgrade (various works)NZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
974475Cleaning for regional officeWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973791Professional learning support for digital technologiesWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973446Evaluation of student centred funding modelWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973385Managed software asset management servicesWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973383Employee assistance programWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973389Works for early childhood education blockWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
973386Main works for schoolWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
972629Radio frequency licensing servicesWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
970868Specialised nutritional productsWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
966470Maintenance services to essential services assetsWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
966458Rigid pavements worksNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973902Design services - water pipeline & pumpsWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
972839Leisure & aquatic centre - roof replacementVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
966260Access to Industry Priority Uses of Agvet Chemicals Grants ProgrammeALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
974439Card payments solutionALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
973961Document examination equipmentALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
973906Executive coaching servicesALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
972363Internal auditALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
972029Rotary and fixed wing aircraft (search & rescue) (panel)ALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
976223Construction of stage 3 of a primary schoolVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975828New library and classroomsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
975918Theatre planner services - critical asset maintenance and re-imagining of art centreVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975697Removal & replacement of oval turf cricket pitchSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
975463Sale of reserved water tanks (dismantling and removal)O/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975551Interfaces between support and safety hubs, multi-disciplinary centres and sexual assault servicesVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975268Sale of used machinery and partsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975319Road rehabilitation works (Browne Avenue)VIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975315Pedestrian operated signals & public lighting works incl civil worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975313Road rehabilitation works (Tamar Drive)VIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975311Construction of car parkVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975231Road rehabilitation, carpark, pedestrian operated signals & lighting worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975154Claim reporting and premium analysis servicesVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975109Painting and flooring upgradesWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
975111Restumping and flooring upgradesWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
974709Construction of pressure sewer reticulation assetsVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974467Bore survey projectNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974311Sale of residential blockNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974264Plateau reservoir seismic upgradeNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
974118Bollards, landscaping, road rehabilitationVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
973958Rural ophthalmology outreach servicesQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973928Design, documentation & project management - town squareWA15/12/2017Closing Soon
974015Funding, financial and property advisory servicesNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974013Furniture movement servicesNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
974014Economic appraisal services - transport & land use infrastructureNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973950Principal consultant / architect for GEM ward projectQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973763Mental health services CMO partnershipsNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973740Sewerage treatment plant & upgrade projectQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973546Streetscape - painted poles project (murals)QLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973448Armistice Centenary Grants ProgramNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973390Construction of school precinctQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973106Online booking and payment solutionQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973204Intraocular lensNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
973135Subdivision constructionVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972927Playground construction servicesTAS15/12/2017Closing Soon
972937Highway safety improvementsTAS15/12/2017Closing Soon
972955Construction of concrete skate parkTAS15/12/2017Closing Soon
972879Construction of bicycle lanesVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972878Construction of parkVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
972779Painting of lighthouseNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
972753Document & construction of apartmentQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972766Enterprise cash receipting solutionQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
972050Sale of grazing propertyVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
971721Cafe lease and operateQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
970736Solar PV systemsACT15/12/2017Closing Soon
970444Pneumatic tube & telelift carrier systemsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
969574Maintenance services for overhead cranes, hoists and associated equipmentNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
964567Nominal bondsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
974620Airport access control system upgradeSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
972211Stopbank improvementsNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
972103Oval lightingSA15/12/2017Closing Soon
976419Business plan for coding schoolO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976400Audit committeeNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
976316Intersection upgradeNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
976248Security servicesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976263Study on use and impact of iodine on saltO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976299SoftwareO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976298Internet and telephony serviceO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976295IP telephone plant and extensionsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
976213Incinerator emission compliance worksNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
976222Builders for new school worksVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
976092Vehicle leaseALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
975869Gas compressorsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975880Stationery items and expendable office suppliesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975860Ion beam accelerator ion sourceO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975742Construction of bus shelterNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975736Construction of toilet blockNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975727Sale of stock (feral goat & ewe)NZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
975774Social media content development servicesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975741Design & construction of modifications to poolNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975692Spare parts - electricity and plumbing worksO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975545Airstrip - supply and construct new fenceNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975597Various services for construction of officeO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975286Professional search consultantO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975248Audit servicesVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975264Sale of pharmaceutical intellectual propertyVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975324Consultancy - development of a scoping plan for an outcomes frameworkNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975254All trades for multiple unit sitesNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
975281Hammer mills, double mixers feed ingredient conveyor and ring dye pelletizersO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975285Mid-term evaluation of children's access to water and sanitation projectO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975430Sale of rural residential propertyQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
975393Strengthening of disaster management capacityO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975284Portable biometric passport readersO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975214Building tradesNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
975217Alterations & additions to primary classrooms and library etcQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
975003Baseline flora & fauna surveyNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975009Weed management servicesNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975069Supply of vehiclesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975078Country gender assessments of agriculture and rural sector (Fiji)O/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975002Contaminated land assessmentNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975076Country gender assessments of agriculture and rural sector (Vanuatu)O/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974993Painting servicesVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
974949Review of pilot phase implementation of e-PRSO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975080Country gender assessments of agriculture and rural sector (Solomon Islands)O/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
975074Country gender assessments of agriculture and rural sector (Tonga)O/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974994Patient equipment lifters & hoist servicingVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
975010Surgical trays & instruments solutionsNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
975072Country gender assessments of agriculture and rural sector (Samoa)O/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974824Car hire servicesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974846Evaluation of eye health programALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
974747Recapitalisation / sale of business - Bridal dresses & accessoriesALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
974625Data collection and ecosystem analysis on MSMEO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974609Construction of fence wall and gatehouseO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974585Non-destructive testing equipmentO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974584Entomological equipment & suppliesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974367Website and mobile applicationO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974230Unarmed security guard services, k-9 services and security equipmentO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974229Rental service of vehiclesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974234Strengthening of pharmaceutical systems in malaria eliminationO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974195Travelling showroom and training facilityO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
974133New sports courtsQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
974134Bistro cateringQLD15/12/2017Closing Soon
973916New fenceNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
973889Printing of data tools and payment cardsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
973920Refurbishment of buildingNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
973573Mechanical works / services to water & sewerage infrastructureNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
973666Implementation of active pedagogies in schoolsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
973307Supply and installation of ice facility (container style)O/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
973356Industrial precinct - pre-feasibility analysisNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
973049VehiclesO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
972749Construction of changerooms & ablutionsNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
972829Face-to-face and virtual training for MS Office and desktop applicationsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
972647Detailed engineering design for water supply subprojectO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
972605General sewerage plumbing worksNT15/12/2017Closing Soon
972650Study on cost-effective renewable energy-supply solutionsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
972265Signage rights for memorial ovalVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
971828Activity / workshop providerNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
971950Construction supervision consultant (civil works & HIV/AIDS and Human Trafficking Awareness Program)O/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
971827African market stallNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
971944External independent financial auditor consultantO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
971650Sale of large acreage with development potentialNSW15/12/2017Closing Soon
971411Capacity building and sector reform for renewable energy investmentsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
970461School reconstruction incl paving, lighting & emergency response equipmentO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
970168C-band dual polarization weather radarO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
970176Solar energy systemsO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
970283Health Care Homes Leaders GroupVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
969200Resurfacing of main roadO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
967995Upgrade of highwayO/S15/12/2017Closing Soon
967729Community Halls FundNZ15/12/2017Closing Soon
967661Solar farm projectsVIC15/12/2017Closing Soon
846025Redevelopment of hospital (various opportunities)ALL15/12/2017Closing Soon
972790Strategic study of online platformsVIC16/12/2017
976273Rehabilitation of PHCO/S16/12/2017
976268IEC materials on measles and rubella vaccinationO/S16/12/2017
975987Construction sector opportunity assessmentO/S16/12/2017
975643Renovation & extension worksO/S16/12/2017
975276Chicken feedO/S16/12/2017
975295Archival boxes and foldersO/S16/12/2017
974365Media monitoring serviceO/S16/12/2017
974395Project lead for Financial Institutions Group Advisory ProgramO/S16/12/2017
925745Sea freight servicesO/S16/12/2017
832229Land combat vehicle system - various opportunitiesSA16/12/2017
969892Erection of shelter shedVICNot Stated
970098Sale of commercial office suiteNSWNot Stated
970097Sale of family homeNSWNot Stated
970030Sale of homeTASNot Stated
969970Contract carriers / owner drivers for metro delivery areasNSWNot Stated
970094Sale of landQLDNot Stated
970090Sale of homesteadVICNot Stated
970037Sale of propertyTASNot Stated
969946Sale of landholdingWANot Stated
969942Sale of homeWANot Stated
969959Sale of construction tower craneNTNot Stated
970099Sale of family homeNSWNot Stated
969729Notice: Forward project opportunitiesWANot Stated
969737ElectricianSANot Stated
969739Sale of food at eventsNZNot Stated
969844Demand survey for waste reception on all declared portsO/SNot Stated
969888Notice: ERP solutionNZNot Stated
969847Solar energyO/SNot Stated
969848Performers & buskersNSWNot Stated
969849Management information systemO/SNot Stated
969750Notice: Construction of abattoirALLNot Stated
969701Notice: Preferred contractors registerSANot Stated
969826Notice: Mass rapid transit business case & NoRNZNot Stated
969770Notice: Casino expansionQLDNot Stated
969697Notice: Economic and Social Infrastructure Program - draft investment designALLNot Stated
969538Sale of penthouseVICNot Stated
969376Lease of shops & car wash areaO/SNot Stated
969505Sale of estateNSWNot Stated
969518Sale of commercial propertyQLDNot Stated
969523Lease of motelNSWNot Stated
969377Sale of freehold propertiesO/SNot Stated
969404Notice: Kerbside collection serviceVICNot Stated
969478Sale of rural propertyVICNot Stated
969374Sale of tug boat and bargeO/SNot Stated
969365Notice: Development of commercial landNZNot Stated
969502Consultancies - Marine industriesO/SNot Stated
969375Sale of boatsO/SNot Stated
969069Notice: CCTV camera upgradeNZNot Stated
969095Sale of freehold propertyO/SNot Stated
969182Sale of building & landVICNot Stated
969241Sale of harbour front lifestyle homeNSWNot Stated
969204Sale of homeVICNot Stated
969239Sale of historic buildingNSWNot Stated
969099Construction of VCE & resource centreVICNot Stated
969102Sale of landQLDNot Stated
969108Notice: Management of contingent workforceNZNot Stated
969073Lease of multi-purpose buildingNZNot Stated
969156Notice: Discontinuation of OSHC prequalification scheme & non-implementation of mandatory eligibility criteriaNSWNot Stated
969110Notice: Cable landing station (CLS) backhaulNZNot Stated
969151Sale of business - aviationWANot Stated
969152Notice: Engineering professional service and asset constructionNZNot Stated
969192Sale of allotmentsVICNot Stated
969213Sale of family homeQLDNot Stated
969019Taxi business opportunitySANot Stated
968924Service provider briefings: Housing maintenance contractVICNot Stated
969029Sale of commercial siteNSWNot Stated
968991Sale of development siteNSWNot Stated
968989Sale of house & blockNSWNot Stated
968879Disability advisory committeeVICNot Stated
968987Sale of homeWANot Stated
969028Sale of retail plazaQLDNot Stated
968828Sale of showroom / warehouseWANot Stated
968824Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
968757Urology servicesSANot Stated
968829Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
968647Community pool licenceQLDNot Stated
968825Sale of apartmentNSWNot Stated
968590Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
968477Notice: Building capability for caregiving families pilotNZNot Stated
968536Rehabilitation of courthouseO/SNot Stated
968420Notice: Upgrade of town centreNZNot Stated
968315Sale of dairy farmQLDNot Stated
968358Sale of estateNSWNot Stated
968316Sale of propertyQLDNot Stated
968320Sale of homeQLDNot Stated
968338Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
968354Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
968409Sale of propertyVICNot Stated
968198Sale of commercial / industrial propertyO/SNot Stated
968202Crafters for pop up shopNZNot Stated
968403Sale of landholdingNSWNot Stated
968288LOD concrete cartageQLDNot Stated
968273Shopping centre extension subcontractors (various trades)QLDNot Stated
968297Sale of accommodation unitQLDNot Stated
968298Lease of bar & restaurantQLDNot Stated
968193Sale of business - handymanNZNot Stated
968187Commercial or development lease of landO/SNot Stated
968189Lease of commercial office spaceO/SNot Stated
968178Sale of impounded vehiclesWANot Stated
968055Notice: Cloud-based health and safety management systemNZNot Stated
967873Notice: Various printed & interactive reportsO/SNot Stated
967903CleaningVICNot Stated
967908Sale of business - crushing, screening and plant hireALLNot Stated
967919Sale of propertyVICNot Stated
967932Various opportunities for eventVICNot Stated
967970Sale of house lotsVICNot Stated
967918Sale of parkQLDNot Stated
967930Sale of homeNSWNot Stated
967938Taxi licenceQLDNot Stated
967974Sale of waterfront propertyNSWNot Stated
967723Sale of development siteQLDNot Stated
967796Sale of retail centreQLDNot Stated
967716Sale of business - mowersQLDNot Stated
967711Carpentry subcontractorsNSWNot Stated
967841Grants - SES Equipment ProgramQLDNot Stated
967683Sale & removal of buildingNZNot Stated
967623Sale of beachfront corner siteQLDNot Stated
967669Stallholders for Australia Day eventNSWNot Stated
967613Sale of propertyNSWNot Stated
967512Sale of forestry assetsNZNot Stated
967534Notice: RoadworksWANot Stated
967474Sale / lease of industrial shed and vacant yardQLDNot Stated
967637Investors - retail, commercial and residential opportunitiesSANot Stated
967494Lease of bakeryQLDNot Stated
967570Notice: Public Financial Management Program for Institutions & InfrastructureO/SNot Stated
967547Sale of homeWANot Stated
967550Sale of propertyWANot Stated
967435Notice: Towns improvement development programO/SNot Stated
967267Sale of business - cafeSANot Stated
967405Lease of waterfront marina restaurant / barNSWNot Stated
967407Sale of business - automotive mechanicalQLDNot Stated
967454Notice: Trade Briefing Breakfast (education & agribusiness)QLDNot Stated